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Liver Inflammation : 14 september 2018

Locatie: ULB, Campus Erasme

Abstract submission is now closed.

Selected speakers will be notified soon.

Registration for the meeting and workshops is still possible until September 7th.

1. Facs panel design by Prof. E. BAUS _ This workshop will review the different criteria that should be taken into account when designing multicolor antibody panels for flow cytometry experiments and conclude with a short exercise using open source web-based tools.

2. Statistics workshop by Prof. Kurt Barbe (vub). This workshop is mainly oriented towards statistical methodology and experimental design. In terms of statistical analyses, an overview is provided of various ANOVA type of designs with its specific properties and research scenarios when such designs apply. The workshop is limited to the following ANOVA designs: • One-way ANOVA: one dependent variable is analysed as a function of one group variable • Confounders: multi-way ANOVA and interactions • Paired and repeated measures: e.g. growth curves of tumors • Mixed designs: e.g. growth curves of tumors as a function of several treatments Every design is a special case of the next design such that these designs have an increasing rate of complexity. Although design 4 is the most general, in statistics one aims for the 'less is more' paradigm. It is therefore important to understand when each design is preferred or avoided. The workshop will NOT treat the statistical tests to handle the various designs. The participant can expect after this workshop to be familiar with these ANOVA designs, why such designs are different and in which circumstance(s) one design is preferred over another. If the following terminologies are not understood, the workshop will be hard to follow: paired versus unpaired tests, categorical variables, analysis of variance, type I and type II errors, statistical significance, Bonferroni correction, error bars and boxplots. Please re-familiarize yourself with these concepts prior to the workshop for a smooth participation.

3. Workshop on liver pathology by Prof. Verset: the workshop is based on clinical cases illustrated with scanned slides (virtual pathology). The clinical cases will cover mainly NASH, Alcoholic liver disease. Dr. Verset will explain what is important in a pathological report.

4. 'How to present your data workshop' by Dr. Christiaens will focus on the following: · Opening with impact to immediately engage your audience · Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Presentations · The core essentials for presenting with impact · Identify ways to deliver presentation content with impact to maintain audience engagement "