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The Flemish Gastroenterology Association

A short guide to the 'Vlaamse Vereniging voor Gastro-enterologie'

The Flemish Gastroenterology Association

The Vlaamse Vereniging voor Gastro-enterologie (VVGE) or Flemish Gastroenterology Association was founded in 1954 by a handful of pioneering Dutch-speaking Belgian Gastroenterologists from Academic and non-Academic practices. The initial aim of the Association was to foster the knowledge of Gastroenterological and Hepato-Biliary diseases in Flanders and to spread the expertise by organising Education in the Dutch language, the majority language of Belgium.

Ever since the VVGE has matured into a dynamic association with more than 350 paying members which aspires to be the major forum for education and interaction open to everyone interested in Gastroenterology and Hepatology: gastroenterologists, surgeons, radiologist, pathologists, pediatricians. Professionalism and conviviality is our hallmark.
Each year several scientific meetings are held: a Spring symposium in Elewijt, close to Mechelen, focusing on recent developments in clinical practice, a post-DDW/ASCO meeting in June in Grimbergen, North of Brussels, a meeting dealing with clinical case studies during the Antwerp Medical Conference at the U of Antwerp in September, and a Fall Symposium at the end of November, every year at a different location in Flanders with selected topics and invited speakers from Belgium and from abroad. In addition, we organise intensive post-graduate courses on topics such as Digestive Oncology, Proctology and Hepatology.  kalender

The VVGE is a co-organiser of the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology each Spring (link) and we actively interact with the Sociétée Royale Belge de Gastroenterologie through a common editorial board of the Acta Gastroenterolica Belgica.

The Jong-VVGE (‘Young-VVGE’), LINK consisting of all members younger than 40, organizes educational workshops aimed at GI fellows and clinicians starting their careers.

We also support basic and clinical research in Gastroenterology and Hepatology through grants awarded to Young researchers in Flanders.

Moreover, we have initiated projects to improve quality of care in colonoscopy, to inform the public on the risk of colonic cancer through an internet campaign, and we make patient information leaflets on chemotherapy available to our members.

The VVGE is a VZW (‘Trust’) with a Board, that is elected by all members. The Boars is les by the Chair with assistance from the Secretary-general and the treasurer. A part time administrative assistant supports the Board and operates from our office in Zaventem, close to Brussels airport. LINK .

Board members participate actively in the Concilium Gastroenterolgicum Belgicum, a non-profit organization with a mission to improve clinical practice and reimbursement for endoscopy or devices in Belgium.

The VVGE is an active member of national and international organisations in the field of Gastro-Enterology. At the European level we are represented in the United European Gastroenteroly Federation (UEGF) and on a global scale in the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO). We are a preferred partner of several other national GI associations in Europe and have organized scientific meetings with the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gastroenterologie, NVGE, the National Dutch Gastroenteroloy Association.